Accessing Form Data

Using's drag-and-drop form builder, you create custom forms you can attach to tasks to streamline your process for collecting client files and information.

This article will explain how to view completed form submissions in and download the data from completed forms as PDF or CSV files.

How to View Completed Form Submissions

After clients submit a form, you can view the information they entered by selecting the task where a form was included.

To do this, select a project from your dashboard and click on the name of the completed form task.

👋 Tip: Another way to quickly view form submissions is by clicking the "Activity" badge on a project in your dashboard and then clicking the link to the completed form from the feed.

How to Download Completed Forms

When viewing a completed form in, the "Download Form" button at the bottom of the modal will allow you to export the data your client entered as PDF or CSV file.

📣 Note: If your form includes a "File Upload" field, files your client provides as a part of completing the form can viewed and downloaded by navigating to the "Files" page of the project where you assigned the task.

Download Completed Forms as CSVs

Selecting "Download as CSV" option will open a window that prompts you to save a copy of the completed form to your computer as an editable CSV file.

Download Completed Forms as PDFs

Selecting the "Download as PDF" download option will open a new tab that displays the completed form in a PDF viewer. Clicking the download icon in the top right side of the viewer will allow you to save a copy of this PDF to your computer.

Export Form Submissions with Zapier

Instead of downloading submission data manually each time, you can use Zapier to export form submission data and automatically send it to another software application.

The instructions in this guide walk you through the process for creating a Zap that detects when a specific form is submitted in and automatically sends the information your client enters to any external software application you are using.

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