Export Form Submissions with Zapier

Instead of manually exporting and importing data from Motion.io form submissions, you can use Zapier to automate the entire process. The steps in this guide will explain how to create a Zap that detects when a specific form is submitted in Motion.io and automatically sends that data to whatever external software apps you are using.

📢 Note: To follow the steps in this guide, you’ll first need to sign up for a Zapier account and connect it to Motion.io. For additional information on how to do this, click here.

Setup Instructions

The example Zap shown in the screenshots below is for a Zap that sends submission data from a Motion.io form to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

However, you can follow a similar process to send data from Motion.io form submissions to other app you might use, including:

  • Project management tools like Clickup, Monday.com, and Asana
  • Customer relationship management software like Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Copper
  • Team messaging applications like Slack

Step 1: Select the "Form Submission" trigger

When creating a Zap, you must always add a "Trigger" as the first step. To specify your trigger event, click the "Trigger" box and search for "Motion.io" in the open modal.

From there, select "Form Submission" from the event dropdown.

Step 2: Specify a form for your trigger event

Now, choose which form you would like to export the data from by clicking "Form" and selecting one of your forms from the dropdown options.

Step 3: Choose an action

Finally, choose a destination for the form submission data. To do this, create an action step by clicking the "+" icon under your trigger event. Then, search for the app you want to send form data to in the window.

The example Zap below features uses an action that automatically creates a new row in a Google Sheet and pulls in the submission data from the "Business Intake Form" the user specified in the previous step.

👋 Tip: When you add column headers to a Google Sheet (see example below), Zapier will automatically detect them and allow you to map data from form submissions to specific columns in your spreadsheet.

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