Inviting Clients to a Portal

To give your clients the ability to start completing tasks and accessing information within the pages of their client portals, you'll first need to invite them.

This article will cover your four options for inviting clients to portals in and walk through the steps for using each option.

How Inviting Clients to a Portal Works in

Clients you invite to portals instantly receive an email with a magic link that allows them to access their portals in a single click — no account creation required. By default, client invite emails will use your branding and show your business's name as the sender (included in all plans).

📢 Note: If you subscribe to's Professional plan and configure your white-label settings, client invite emails will be sent via your specified email address and no longer display the "Powered by" text at the bottom.

Option 1: Inviting Clients From the Users Page

If you want to invite a client to access the portal before you have any tasks for them to complete, you can invite them directly to their portal through the project users page.

To invite clients to a portal from the Users page, select a project and click "Users" at the top of your screen. Click "Invite Client to Portal," enter your client's name and email address in the modal, and then click "Save Client."

👋 Tip: You can customize the text of your client portal invite emails to say whatever you'd like. Click here to learn how.

Option 2: Inviting Clients by Assigning Them to Tasks

To invite clients to a portal by assigning them to a task, select a project and navigate to the "Tasks" page of that project.

Select a task you're ready to assign a client to and click the "Add new client" button that appears near the top of the task composer. Enter your client's name and email and click "Save Client."

👋 Tip: You can use's bulk actions dropdown to assign and send multiple tasks at once.

Option 3: Import Clients from a CSV File

If you'd like to create multiple projects and invite clients to them simultaneously,'s Import CSV functionality provides a convenient option to do so.

To import clients from a CSV file, click the dropdown on the arrow on the "Create Project" button of your project dashboard and select "Import CSV."

Download the template by clicking the link in the open modal, enter your details in the appropriate cells, and then re-upload your edited & saved copy of the template by clicking "Upload CSV."

👋 Tip: When filling in the CSV template provided in-app, you can add as many clients as you want to the projects you create and specify the templates you'd like to use for each.

Option 4: Invite Clients Using Zapier

Using the "Create Project" action of's Zapier Integration, you can automate the process of creating projects, inviting clients, and assigning tasks. For detailed setup instructions, click here.

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