Customizing Client Invite Emails

Clients you invite to portals instantly receive a welcome email with a magic link that allows them to access their portals in a single click. While the default content in these emails is designed to work for a wide variety of businesses without additional changes, you can customize your client invite emails to say whatever you'd like.

How Client Invite Email Customizations Work

Before diving in, it's helpful to note that customizations to client invite emails apply on a per-project basis. Said another way, this means that after customizing the invite email for a portal, only the clients invited to that specific project's portal will see the changes.

How to Customize Client Invite Emails

Step 1: After creating a new project (or selecting an existing project from your dashboard), click "More" at the top of your screen and then select "Settings" from the dropdown. Open the project's "Settings" page and click the tab titled "Emails."

Step 2: Customize the default text in the client welcome email in whatever way works best for the clients you invite to the portal.

👍 Note: To help you deliver a more personalized experience, the text in brackets — {{CLIENT_NAME}} and {{TEAM_NAME}} — automatically populates with the name of your client and the name of your team. You can move around either of the bracketed text fields, add new instances of them, or remove them altogether.

Step 3: Once you have made the required changes, click "Save." Upon doing so, any clients you invite to the portal from that point on will receive your customized invite email.

👋 Final Tip: If you'd like an example of how your customized welcome email will appear to clients before inviting them, click "Send Test Email" to have a sample email sent to your inbox.

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