Collect Files Request Option

The Collect files request option is a fast and easy way to gather documents, brand assets, photos, and more from clients.

This article will explain how the Collect files request option works in and provide instructions for using it.

👋 Tip: In addition to your team accessing files that clients provide through Collect files tasks in the tasks themselves, upon upload, files can also be accessed from the Files page of a project.

How to Request Files from Clients

After creating a new task or clicking the edit icon (see example) on a task you want to attach files to, click the toggle for 'Collect Files' under the Request Options section of the task composer.

The modal that opens after clicking Collect files will prompt you to enter names for the various files you are collecting. Adding file collections is especially useful when your team is collecting multiple files (or types of files), as it makes it clear to the client precisely what your team needs. 

The collection names you specify not only make it clear to your client what files you need, but upon upload, the files your client adds to each collection will be automatically grouped together into organized folders in the file management area of that project.

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