Adding Your Branding

Across all subscription plans, you can customize your client portals and the notification emails sends to reflect your business's logo and branding.

This article will detail the brand customizations available in and how to set them via your account's Team Settings page.

How to Add Your Branding to Client Portals

Clicking "Settings" from the sidebar on your account's left side will automatically bring you to the Branding tab of your Team Settings page.

On the Branding Tab, you can access account-wide settings that allow you to customize your portals and email communication to align with your business and brand.

📢 Note: Only team members set to the Admin role can access the customizations in your account's Team Settings page. Click here to learn more about team member roles.

Team Settings Page

The following sections will explain the customizations available on the Branding tab of your account's Team Settings page and how each option works.

👋 Tip: If you've upgraded to's Professional plan and want guidance on configuring the settings on the Domain and Email tabs, click here.

1. Company Name

For all plans, uses the company name you specify as the sender name that appears in any notification emails sends to clients.

When you complete the registration form to sign up for a new account, will automatically bring in the company name you entered. Still, you can change it at any point by entering a new company and clicking "Save Changes."

📢 Note: While the emails sends to clients will show your company name as the sender, by default, the address those emails are sent from is If you'd prefer to send notification emails from your business email address, subscribe to's Professional plan.

2. Logo

To add your business's logo to your client portals and emails in, hover over the placeholder image and click "Change Logo." After uploading your logo and using the option on the left to change its crop/orientation (optional), click "Save."

3. Primary Color

To select the primary color for your portals and emails, click the circle under "Primary Color." In the open modal, paste in a Hex Code or use the eyedropper tool to select the color you'd like from your logo.

4. Date Formatting

By default, the date format for team members and clients using is set to month/day/year.

You can change the date format used for projects and client portals account-wide by selecting an option from the Date formatting dropdown.

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