Managing Team Members

In almost all cases, you'll want to give everyone on your team involved in client-facing work access to your account so they can download files and access information within projects. This article describes the process for inviting new team members, details the two roles you can assign to team members, and explains the associated costs for adding team members to your account.

Inviting New Team Members

To invite a new team member to your account, click "Team" from the sidebar on the left side of your account and then "+Invite member to team."

From here, enter the name and email of the new team member you're inviting and select the role you want to assign them.

Upon clicking "Save," your team member will automatically receive an email notifying them to log in to and finalize their account setup.

Team Member Roles

In, there are two different roles for team members associated with your account:

  • Team: Members assigned the "Team" role can create new projects, invite clients, and manage all aspects of existing projects, including tasks, portal pages, messages, and tickets.
  • Admin: Members assigned the "Admin" role can access all the same things as the "Team" role but have additional permissions to adjust account-level settings on the Settings page, manage billing via the Billing page, and add or remove team members via the Team page.

By default, the person who first creates their team's account via the registration page is set to the admin role and, from there, can add new team members who can be assigned either of the roles described above. 

Team Member Costs

During the free trial period, you can add as many team members as you'd like to have them explore at no cost.

When you upgrade to a paid plan of, your subscription is calculated based on the seats you need (i.e., the total members on your account, regardless of role) at the rate of the plan you select.

For example, if you select's Starter plan and have invited one other team member to your account, your monthly subscription cost would be:

$24 (cost for one seat) x 2 (number of seats ) = $48 (monthly subscription cost)

📢 Important Note: The number of clients your team can invite to portals and the number of projects they can create is unlimited on all plans.

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