Importing Tasks and Stages's Import Tasks functionality allows you to select tasks and project stages in a template and add them to an active project.

This article will explain how's Import Tasks functionality works and how you can use it to selectively add tasks and project stages you've created in a template to an active project.

👋 Tip: In addition to the Import Tasks functionality allowing you to bring in tasks and stages from a template to a single active project, you can use's Global Template Updates feature to apply changes made to a template to all active projects previously created from it.

How Importing Tasks and Stages Works

Because there are various ways you can use the Import Tasks feature in, the best way to understand how this functionality works is through a real-world example:

Let's say you operate a marketing agency, and a client signs up to have you rebuild their website. To onboard the client, you create a new project for the client using your "Website Redesign" template. Down the road, however, the client also signs up for an SEO package you offer. Using the Import Tasks functionality, you could specify tasks and stage from a separate "SEO" template you've set up and import them into the client's existing project. 

How to Import Tasks and Stages

To import tasks and stages from a template into an active project, select a project from your dashboard and navigate to the Tasks page of that project. On the Tasks page, click the dropdown arrow on the blue "Create task" button that appears below all existing client tasks and project stages and select "Import Task(s)."

In the modal that appears after clicking "Import Task(s)," select a template, then the client tasks or project stages from it you'd like to import. Upon clicking the blue "Import" button in the modal, the tasks and project stages you selected will instantly be added to the project.

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