Attach Files Request Option

When creating client tasks, the 'Attach files' request option enables you to attach all types of files and quickly send them to clients to view, annotate, and approve directly in their portals.

This article will provide instructions for using the Attach files request option and explain additional functionality that allows clients to annotate and approve files you attach to client tasks.

👋 Tip: If clients need access to files from previously completed tasks, all files your team attached to tasks you assigned them are quickly accessible from the Files page of their portals. To learn more about portal pages in, click here.

How to Attach Files to Client Tasks

After creating a new task or clicking the edit icon (see example) on a task you want to attach files to, click the toggle labeled 'Attach files' under the Request Options section of the task composer.

In the modal that opens after clicking "Attach files," upload the files you want to attach to the task. From here, you can send the task as-is or toggle the additional option to require client approval (explained in detail in the next section of this guide).

📢 Note: While's Attach Files request option features a powerful built-in system for collecting client feedback and approvals on files you share, it's optional. If files you attach to a task are simply for your client's records or to provide additional context, leave this option untoggled.

How to Require Client Approval on Files

If you would like to gather client feedback and approval on files you've attached to a task,'s built-in file feedback and approval functionality provides a convenient way to do so.

To enable clients to leave pinned comments and mark each attached file you've attached as "Approved" or "Changes Requested," toggle on Require client approval in the bottom left of the file upload modal.

👋 Tip:  When toggling on Require client approval — images, videos, and PDFs can be annotated with comments by the client. All other file types will display in a file viewer that allows the client to mark files as "Approved" or "Changes Requested" but not leave annotated comments.

After sending your task, clients can mark files as “Approved” or “Changes Requested,” pinning any comments directly on the files you attached.

Video Approval Task

In scenarios where you've toggled Required client approval for a task where multiple files were attached, your client can easily toggle between them by clicking the thumbnails (see example).

Image Approval Task

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