Magic Links for Client Portals

When you invite clients to a portal or assign them tasks in, they'll receive an email with a magic link allowing them to access their portals in a single click — no account creation or login required.

This article will cover two options for sending clients access to their portals outside of the standard notification and reminder emails sends.

How to Share a Client's Magic Link with them Directly

After inviting a client to a portal, you can copy their magic link URL to send it to them directly.

To copy a magic link, select a project from your dashboard and click the "Users" menu option at the top of your screen. On the "Users" screen, navigate to the client you'd like to generate a magic link for and click the link icon on the right side of your screen.

After copying a magic link, you send it to your client via email, text, or any other communication platform you use. Magic links you copy from a project's "Users" screen are valid for 14 days.

How to Use Client Login Pages

If you'd like to provide clients with a static link that allows them to generate a magic link and access their portal at any time,'s client login pages are a perfect solution.

To access your client login URL, select a project from your dashboard and click the "Users" menu option. From here, you can copy the URL displayed towards the top of the page to share it with clients directly or link to it from your website or any other platform you use to engage with clients.

📢 Note: For all users, the default URL where clients can log in and generate their magic links is To use your business's domain or subdomain for client login pages, upgrade to's Professional plan.

White-Label Client Login Pages

By default, client login pages utilize a domain and branding. If you upgrade to's Professional plan, you can white-label your client login page with your business's domain name and branding.

White-labeled client login page example

👋 Tip: After configuring your domain via your account's Settings page, the client login URL displayed on the Users tab of all projects will automatically update to: {yourdomain}/client"

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