Inviting Clients to Multiple Portals

In scenarios where you have separate projects you are working on for the same client(s) or business organization, allows you to invite clients to multiple portals and have them toggle between them.

This article will cover everything you need to know about inviting clients to more than one portal in

📢 Note: For instructions on inviting clients to portals and the options for doing so, click here.

How Clients Switch Between Portals

As soon as you invite clients to more than one portal, they'll automatically have access to a dropdown (this dropdown will appear on the left side of their screen, directly above the list of portal pages) that displays the name of the current portal they are accessing.

Using this dropdown, clients can quickly toggle between the portals you have invited them to.

How Notifications Work for Clients Invited to Multiple Portals

Client notifications work the same whether you invite a client to a single portal or multiple portals.

Outside of the invite emails clients receive when invited to portals, only sends notifications to clients about tasks you have intentionally assigned to them.

📣 Note: In cases where individuals on your client's team won't be actively involved in a project but still need access to a portal for high-level updates, you can safely invite them without fear of them receiving unnecessary emails about everything happening within the portal.

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