Team Email Notifications

Across your projects in, there will likely be times when you or your team members don't require immediate email notifications about everything happening within a specific project.

This article will explain your team's options for customizing your email notification settings to ensure you see the notifications that matter most without cluttering your inbox.

How to Customize Your Email Notification Settings

Step 1. Access your email notification preferences by clicking your name in the bottom left corner of your account, and selecting “Profile."

Step 2: Scroll down to the section titled "Email Preferences." Here, you'll see a list of all of your projects and can specify the email notification settings for each project.

📢 Note: Team members set as the project owner will, by default, be set to receive immediate email notifications about that project. Other team members added to the project will default to receiving daily digests.

Email Notification Preferences

When setting your email preferences, there are three options to choose from:

  • Immediately - will instantly notify you about any new client activity in within the project, including task updates, messages, and support tickets.
  • Daily - you'll receive a digest email with a log of all new client activity in the project within the past 24 hours. If no new activity has occurred in the project over the previous day, you will not receive an email. 
  • Never - you will not receive any email notifications about the project.

👋 Tip: Setting your email notification preference to "Never" for a specific project doesn't mean you will be out of the loop. Visit your account's project dashboard anytime to see an overview of new activity, messages, and tickets within your projects, regardless of your notification settings.

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