Project Owners

This article explains how to assign project owners, what the project owner role does, and how to decide who should be the owner of projects you create in

How to Assign Project Owners

When creating a new project in (either from scratch or a template), the modal that opens after clicking "Create new project" allows you to set an owner for that project. To set an owner for the project you are creating, select a team member from the dropdown. 

👋 Tip: If you want to change the team member set as the owner of a project, you can do so anytime by selecting a project, clicking the "More" dropdown, and then selecting "Settings."

What the Project Owner Role Does

By default, team members assigned as project owners will receive immediate email notifications about all new client activity within the project.

The project owner role does not impact — and operates independently of — the roles team members are assigned (Team or Admin) on your account's Team Settings Page.

Deciding Who Should Be the Project Owner

Generally, we recommend setting the project owner to the team member who will most frequently communicate (i.e. the main point of contact) with clients throughout that project.

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