Create Client Tasks with Zapier

Suppose you'd like to automatically create and assign tasks to clients in when an event or activity occurs in another app you're using. In that case,'s "Create Task" Zapier action enables you to do so.

This guide explains how to create a Zap that automatically creates a client task in when an event happens within another application you're using.

Setup Instructions

The screenshots below show an example of a Zap that automatically creates and assigns a client task in after a team member completes a dependent task in ClickUp.

However, you can use countless other apps to create a similar Zap. For example, you can set up similar Zaps that create client tasks in when:

  • Messages are sent to a specific Slack Channel
  • Files are uploaded to a specific Google Drive Folder
  • Tasks are completed in another project management tool like or Airtable

Step 1: Add a trigger event

When creating a Zap, you must always add a "Trigger" as the first step. To specify your trigger event, click the "Trigger" box and search for the tool you can use.

The example Zap shown below is triggered when a task changes in Clickup.

Step 2: Create a filter action

After configuring your trigger, add a step to your Zap and select Zapier's built-in "Filter" action.

The filter example below is configured so that the Zap will only continue to the next step (creating a client task in if the task completed in Clickup contains the words "First Draft."

📣 Note: While often unnecessary in other Zaps, Zapier's "Filter" action can be especially useful for ensuring the right task is created in the right project when using's "Create Task" action.

Step 3: Add an action to create a task in

Once your filter is configured, add a final action to "Create Task" in

Depending on your use case, there are multiple ways to configure's "Create Task" action.

The example action (shown below) is configured to create a task in for the client to review and approve the first draft of their website after a corresponding task to create the first draft is marked as complete in ClickUp.

To accomplish this, the fields for this "Create Task" action in this Zap are configured as follows:

  • Project Name: Uses the Clickup project name from the trigger to find the corresponding project in to ensure the task is created in the correct project.
  • Task Title & Description: To enable this Zap to create tasks in various projects and portals, the Task Title and Description for this task will remain generic.
  • Client Email: Pulls in the client's email from the Clickup task to automatically assign the task in to the correct client.

  • Files: Grabs the file URL from the completed Clickup task in the trigger and automatically attaches it to a task in
  • Files need approval(?): Set to "True" to enable the client to pin comments directly on the attached file and mark it as either "Approved" or "Changes Requested"
  • Active: Set to "True" so the task will automatically be sent to the client to complete as soon as it is created

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