Adding Project Tags

Project Tags in enable you and your team to apply custom labels to projects in your dashboard that provide enhanced clarity about the various clients and projects you're managing and quickly filter between them.

This article will detail the process for creating new tags, adding tags to projects, and sorting between projects by applying a tag filter.

How to Create Project Tags

Before team members can add tags to projects, you or another member assigned to the Admin role must create the tags you'd like to make available. 

To create a new project tag, click on your account's Settings page from the sidebar on the left and select the "Tags" tab. On the Tags tab, enter the text for the tag you want to create into the field.

👋 Tip: To learn more about the two types of team member roles in, click here.

How to Change the Color of Project Tags

To change your project tags' default color (gray), click the dropdown arrow on the tag you want to modify and select a new option.

How to Add Tags to Projects

After creating project tags, you or anyone on your team can now add those tags to projects that will display along with the additional information in the project dashboard.

To add tags to projects, select a project from your dashboard and click the "Settings" option at the top of your screen. From the project's Settings page, navigate to the "Tags" tab and select the tags you want to apply.

How to Filter By Tags in Your Project Dashboard

After adding tags to your projects, you and your team can quickly sort between the different types of projects by applying a filter from your account’s project dashboard.

To filter projects by tag, open the “Filter Projects” dropdown on your account’s project dashboard and select the tag you want to filter by.

👋 Tip: Using a filter in combination with the Actions dropdown of your dashboard, you can quickly add new team members or change the status of multiple projects simultaneously.

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