Export Files with Zapier

Instead of manually downloading files shared through your Motion.io portals and re-uploading them to file-sharing platforms like Google Drive, you can use Zapier to automate the process.

The steps in this guide will explain how to create a Zap that automatically adds files uploaded to Motion.io portals to a corresponding folder in Google Drive.

👋 Tip: To see a live example of how this Zap works, navigate to the 08:42 mark of this video on our YouTube channel.

Setup Instructions

While the example Zap shown in the screenshots below is for a Zap that sends files uploaded to a Motion.io portal to a Google Drive Folder, you can follow a similar process to send files to other applications you might use, such as:

  • Communication tools like Slack or Email
  • Project management tools like Clickup, Monday.com, and Asana
  • Other file-sharing and storage platforms like Dropbox

Step 1: Add Motion.io's "File Uploaded" trigger

When creating a Zap, you must always add a "Trigger" as the first step. To specify your trigger event, click the "Trigger" box and search "Motion.io" in the open modal.

From there, select "File Uploaded" from the event dropdown.

Step 2: Create an action to "Find a Folder" in Google Drive

After configuring the trigger, your next step is to add an action to search for the corresponding client's folder in Google Drive. To do this, click the option to an action, search for "Google Drive," then select the "Find a Folder" event.

The "Find a Folder" action above utilizes the Motion.io Project Name where the file was uploaded from the trigger to find the corresponding in Google Drive.

As a failsafe, if a matching folder cannot be found in Google Drive, the example configuration shown above also has "Create Google Drive Folder if it doesn't exist yet?" checked.

📣 Note: If you'd prefer not to create a new folder if a match cannot be found, make sure you have a corresponding folder in Google Drive with a name that exactly matches your project name in Motion.io. Click here to see an example screenshot.

Step 3: Create an action to Upload File in Google Drive

Finally, add an action to "Upload File in Google Drive."

To configure this action, map the "Folder" field to the Google Drive Folder ID Zapier found in the previous action and map the "File" field to the file URL from the Motion.io "File Uploaded Trigger."

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